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Misty Mornings Pure and Still

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Misty morning, don’t see no sun
I know you’re out there somewhere having fun….
The power of philosophy floats through my head
Light as a feather, heavy as lead.

Bob Marley

Misty mornings must awaken my sense of smell. As we practised the sword form and then spiritual tai chi I was very aware of how strangely pure it all seemed. The essence of the ocean’s spray merging with the floating mist, smouldering smoke from the abandoned camp fire. The balance of water and fire, mist and smoke. It was a beautiful morning and as time passed with our cosmic dance the stillness and serenity of our surroundings grew. I felt that for a brief moment when we closed the set with “Return to the Origin” that we too were part of the immense calmness and stillness that had emerged, embracing us as we danced, filling us from the inside out as we physically found stillness.

Pure and still,
One can put things right everywhere under heaven.

Lao Tzu

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