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Lake above and Fire below

49: Revolution
Lake above and Fire below

Yesterday I was drawn to the I Ching in search of some self realisation. My question was huge “How do I be love and compassion?”. Revolution was the ginormous answer that found me. Essentially there can be no ego, so to be love and compassion you must first be selfless.

The hexagram reveals Lake to be joyous and Fire to be luminous, the basis of joy is illumination. It is time for storage and returning to the root, time to refine the yin energy. Burn away all of the pollution of conditioning. At the age of 16 Yang culminates and produces Yin. So this is my 30th year of acquired conditioning! I do however feel a massive sigh of relief knowing this is my 20th year as a tai chi practitioner and surely this has reduced some of the pollution throughout my journey of life’s puzzles. Revolution is to return to the true energy of the patterns of heaven and earth that we were all gifted with at birth, clear and bright. Pollution emerges because of the “self” which obscures the mind of the Tao. Revolution must be overthrowing the ignorance of the self and restoring illumination and clarity, this will lead to understanding the self. Understanding is the path to truth. Revolution is truth.

Revolution does not abandon the root and seek out the branches. Seeking out the branches is like craving and desire. Revolution is riddance of personal desires, because they reveal your ego. Love and compassion realise the existence of other people. The path of revolution is to gently persevere and resist desires. In this way the will gains more strength over time, purging the heart of past influences which have polluted the celestial energy. The true innate self is love and compassion. The truth is love and compassion. I recall the teaching of the Red Faced General, Guan Kung, that we are all brothers and sisters, we are all equal … all life is a gift. This is truth.

Thanks and blessings for both the practise of tai chi and selflessness. Thanks and blessings to Maggie for this beautiful drawing of a sketch of Guan Kung. Finally, thanks and blessings for ‘The Taoist I Ching’, Translated by Thomas Clearly, Shambhala, Boston/London 1986.

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