Tai Chi aims to cultivate the mind and body by helping you to see your true nature, that is, qualities such as kindness, love and patience. Exercise like this is much more meaningful to the practitioner. Tai Chi movements are very subtle, natural, effortless, and in particular, Spiritual Tai Chi is poetic, peaceful, colourful, picturesque and imaginative. Based on specific and very profound philosophy, Spiritual Tai Chi is totally nourishing and enriching making it a very meaningful form of exercise and emotionally soothing.

Spiritual Tai Chi has a very therapeutic effect because the breathing is so smooth, deep and gentle, making the body feel warm from the inside out. In addition, when this feeling is combined with the energy flow of continuous body movement you also feel more relaxed.

Simply put the Spiritual Tai Chi form is, mind and body tai chi. When you do this style of tai chi it is the mind talking to the body, the mind being the link between the movement and the energy travel. The mind, the energy and the movement are all connected and related. Essentially your thoughts have the power to mobilise the chi which then flows through the body as you do your tai chi nourishing your internal organs and healing the body. Spiritual Tai Chi is done more with the mind and therefore has a less physical intention.

Through Spiritual Tai Chi you can train your mind to be calm. This tranquillity helps the mind to become very clear and in turn your behaviour is full of wisdom. It is called Spiritual Tai Chi because you purify the mind and develop the spirit through the expression of beautiful movements and thoughts, ultimately resulting in great happiness.