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Yiu Style

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This document is based on classes presented by Grandmaster Ho Lo at the Tai Chi College of Australia, since March 1998. It includes the complete form, with corresponding notes about the techniques, health benefits, application and related philosophy, legend and history. It is with great pride, honor and fulfillment that I write this document. I cannot thank Grandmaster Ho Lo enough for being such a wonderful teacher, for his lifelong dedication to the art and especially for sharing literally all of its enriching and everlasting values and benefits with us all. Without Grandmaster Ho Lo these pages would be empty.

Tai Chi Chuan means the grand ultimate or supreme form of exercise. Yiu Style Tai Chi is based on Sun Style (being one of the four most popular Tai Chi schools in Chinese history), founded by Sun Lu-Tang (1861-1932). Lau Kam Tong later headed the Sun school in Hong Kong. Grandmaster Ho Lo is a disciple of Lau Kam Tong, and is honored to have received full private tuition from him. Lau Kam Tong suffered from throat cancer later in life and has now passed away.

Grandmaster Ho Lo has spent many years practising, analysing, teaching and refining this art. He has enhanced and perfected it, never swaying from the principles and philosophy upon which it is based. The movements of this style are natural, flowing and relaxing, creating a deep sense of inner harmony between the mind (yang) and the body (yin). This style is extremely soft, gentle and meditative making it suitable for all ages and especially apt to the busy, rushed and stressed lifestyle of current times. The motivation in doing this style of Tai Chi is to learn how to do deep breathing. Although the form seems basic it is nevertheless extremely meditative because the nature of the movements concentrate on calming the mind and warming the body. Through deep breathing the body is allowed time to re-adjust, rest and sink before doing the next move. Therefore the energy flow is uninterrupted and more complete.

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  1. katherine  January 24, 2013

    Would you be kind enough to point me in the right direction for local (central coast) north of sydney (eg: gosford, terrigal) for a local tai chi teacher who follows the same style as TENNYSON YIU?

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