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To be free as a bird

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It was a lovely morning for tranquillity in motion by the lagoon at Dee Why today even with the chilly wind blowing in from the west. One practitioner said it was 5 degrees earlier in the morning, and it didn’t seem to be too much higher at 7.30 when I arrived for Tai Chi Sword either!

The bird wildlife down there is always impressive and today two Willie Wagtails played near us again. Are we observing the birds or are they observing us doing tai chi? We should be more like the birds, graceful, effortless, spontaneous. Their presence reminds me of the Taoist philosophy to be free as a bird, free of the dusty world that we live in. It is easy to feel that way while you are doing Tai Chi.

For the last two sessions we have been trying to focus more deeply on some specific tai chi movements, to be more mindful and conscious of where certain postures have strength and where that strength merges into weakness. We are experiencing this with the transitions into and out of the posture “Asking the Question”. Keeping the mind, body and energy integrated is the key, more easily said than done.

Happy practising.

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