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The form of the formless the image of nonentity…this is called the amorphous. Following behind it you cannot see its back; Approaching it from the front you cannot see its head.

Lao Tzu

Tai Chi and Sword on a Saturday morning by the lagoon at Dee Why is always a pleasure, but especially on a glorious sunny day, when shadow visits dancing in her taoist way. Shadow flows beautifully, seemingly carefree, joyous and lively. As I watch her move I am not watching myself but something more pure, a taoist scripture in motion.

It reminds me of Chuang Tzu’s butterfly dream; “once upon a time I dreamed I was a butterfly flying happily here and there, enjoying life without knowing who I was….. Did I dream I was a butterfly or did the butterfly dream he was me? ”

So what I wonder is, does tai chi shadow play with me or am I playing with her? If I truly understand the equality of all things there is no distinction! But I do not, so I keep searching for some kind of black and white answer so that I can just let it be, whatever it is. I found this in the taoist sourcebook ” Vitality, Energy and Spirit”

Children playing with shadows do not realise the shadows are playing with them

T'an Chiao Transformational Writings

It is what it is not one or the other. Happy practising….. may you learn from your shadow.

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